Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Hardwood Floor Refinishing for Homes in Montgomery & Howard County MDAtlas Floors Inc. can take your existing worn hardwood floor and bring it back to life by sanding all the old dirt and old finish off and re-staining the floor with the color of your choice. We use the newest and the most durable stains and finishes available on the market.

Determining what species of floor you have is very important to providing an excellent repair/renew for your flooring, so the first step we do is identify the species of wood. Our team of experts work closely together to make sure we identify your wood properly, because this can be tricky. That’s why we conduct several tests and gather several opinions before we start the repair process.

Wood Floor Refinishing

Floor sanding and refinishing is unforgiving work. Make a mistake and it will show. However, a refinished floor can bring beauty to a room faster then any other project. But you need to rely on the professionals to do the work.

Are you looking to Customize your floors? Our team of experts can help you design a work of art. Custom designs can be as simple as installing a strip with a contrasting wood species, following the perimeter of a room or building a frame around the fireplace, to the elaborate pattern of Herringbone to make your installation unique. Our master carpenters are highly skilled and can create artistic wood flooring installations to match your creative imagination.

With so many designs, patterns, stains and finishes available, we can work with your custom builder, interior designer or you, the customer, to bring your vision to life while managing your needs and budget.


Our Hardwood Floor Repair & Refinishing Is Available in:

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