Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinish, Repair, and Restore Your Hardwood Floors!

Hardwood Floor Refinishing for Homes in Montgomery & Howard County MD

Your hardwood floors once brought quality, value, and a modern look to your home. But over time, they accumulated scuffs, dents, discoloration, and other visible imperfections. 

A refinished floor can bring beauty to a room faster than any other project. If you’re thinking of renovating your floors, you might have considered a DIY project. 

However, keep in mind that floor sanding and refinishing is unforgiving work. Make even just one, tiny mistake, and it will show forever. That’s why it’s always best to trust the professionals to get the job done correctly. 

For the best hardwood floor refinishing services in Maryland, call Atlas Floors Inc.! We can take your existing worn hardwood floors and bring them back to life.

We start by identifying the species of wood that composes your floor. This step is crucial for ensuring the repair process is successful. That’s why we conduct several tests and gather several opinions before we start the repair process.

Then, we get to work sanding all the old dirt and old finish off. Next, we re-stain the floor with the color of your choice, using only the newest and the most durable stains and finishes available on the market.

We offer many designs, patterns, stains, and finishes, so you can have the unique and beautiful floors you’ve always wanted. We can work with your custom builder, interior designer, or you, the customer, to balance your needs and your budget.

Atlas Floors has been in the business for over 30 years, so we know a thing or two about hardwoods. Our dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and friendly customer service is what has kept us around for all these years.

Don’t trust just anyone to handle the important job of hardwood floor restoration. Call the experts at Atlas Floors today!

Our floor refinishing services can help with a variety of problems, including:

Our Hardwood Floor Repair & Refinishing Is Available in:

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