Hardwood Floor Repair in Middletown, MD

Hardwood Floor Repair in Middletown, MD

Your home’s hardwood floors go through a lot. That’s especially true if they’re older or have ever been covered up by carpeting. Over time, you can see dings, divots, and other damage to your hardwood floors that leaves them looking outdated. That’s not to mention the potential to crumble. At Atlas Floors Inc., we offer skilled hardwood floor repair and refinishing services in Middletown, Maryland.

Our goal is to get your floors back to their old luster!

The first step is to determine exactly what species of wood your floor is made from. This is important because it directs the methods we use to repair your hardwood floors so we don’t risk damaging them further. We conduct several tests and gather opinions from other hardwood flooring experts before we begin the repair process.

Next, we sand away the old finish and dirt that has accumulated over the years. If there are any areas with significant damage, we will repair them before moving forward. Then, we restain the hardwood with the color of your choosing.

As we begin our work, we take great care to protect the surrounding area so you don’t have sawdust or other debris throughout your home. In addition, once we’re finished with our work, we clean up everything we brought with us. So the only thing that’s different from when we started is the condition of your hardwood floors.

Trust Atlas Floors Inc. with your hardwood floor repair and refinishing project. Call today for a consultation!

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