What Is Distressed Hardwood Flooring?

Distressed hardwood flooring brings the country-chic look to a home like nothing else can! Beautiful and textured, distressed hardwood allows your décor theme to straddle the line between polished and rugged. It is quickly becoming one of the most desirable and coveted flooring choices in the worlds of interior design and new constructions. Take a look at why distressed hardwood is such an exciting choice for adding lasting beauty and value to a home.

What Are the Characteristics of Distressed Hardwood Flooring?

While hardwood flooring is designed to have an “antique” look, it won’t necessarily age a home. In fact, it’s noted for its look of ageless quality. It’s also important to note that distressed hardwood flooring is not the same as reclaimed flooring. Distressed hardwood is new flooring that utilizes a special technique to “age” and “weather” new boards.

Reclaimed flooring is actually made from old timber that has been salvaged and repurposed for flooring. Reclaimed flooring can be extremely expensive due to the fact that it has to be extracted from places like old barns or estates before being processed. What’s more, careful attention is given to preserving the “imperfections” and nail holes that exist in the original wood. Distressed hardwood is much more affordable because the look of reclaimed wood is being recreated using modern production means.

The beauty of distressed hardwood cannot be ignored. First, special sanding and staining techniques are applied to create a weathered look that actually highlights all of the imperfections in the wood. This creates a very rich texture that looks beautiful in various forms of light throughout the day. Many people who are trying to create a “cottage” or “farmhouse” look love the way that distressed floors create that cozy “lived-in” look that is much preferred over a sterile look.

Different Types of Distressed Hardwood Flooring

It’s important to note that selecting distressed hardwood floors won’t box you into one style corner. You’ll find a seemingly endless selection of styles within the distressed family of hardwood floors. First, you can choose between lightly distressed floors and heavily distressed floors. With lightly distressed, you’re getting planks that are more uniform in terms of color and pattern. Heavily distressed means that boards are a bit “unpredictable” in terms of the color, patterns and imperfections that you’re seeing. This very strongly recreates the look of reclaimed floors pulled right from an antique barn! As you shop for your perfect distressed floors, here are some style options to keep in mind:

  • Wide-plank distressed hardwood floors.
  • Varied widths to create a “striped” appearance.
  • Mixed lights and darks for a “patchwork” floor.
  • Hand-scraped edges.
  • “Brushed” floors with fine-brush markings for texture.
  • “Foot-worn” floors with wear patterns.

It’s incredibly easy to find completely new, factory-fresh floors that have all the telltale signs of being sawed and finished by hand by expert crafters! You get all the benefits of crisp new floors with the ability to use your imagination to craft an interesting history behind your floors. Of course, selecting new floors over investing in repurposed floors is going to take the pressure off when it comes to maintaining your new floors.

The Quality of Modern Distressed Wood Flooring

Modern distressed wood flooring is engineered to be extremely strong and durable. This option offers excellent hardness that can endure everything from foot traffic to spills fairly easily. Even homes with young children are ideal for modern distressed wood! Unlike specialty repurposed flooring that often requires special repairs, modern distressed flooring can be repaired or replaced fairly easily if damage occurs.

The Maintenance Benefits of Modern Distressed Wood Flooring

Taking care of modern hardwood is a dream. Like all wood flooring, distressed hardwood allows you to enjoy the freshness of carpet-free living! It is also a much warmer, softer option when compared to tiles that can be very cold and hard on your feet. There’s also an added benefit to distressed hardwood. The rich textures and matted finish actually help to conceal any dust or stains that accumulate. While it’s still very important to maintain hardwood floors properly, they are much more forgiving if you run a busy household without all the time in the world to dedicate to maintaining your floors. Here’s a look at the basic protocol for keeping distressed hardwood floors in top shape:

  • Always wipe up spills immediately! Allowing moisture to seep into your boards can cause damage.
  • Sweep regularly.
  • Vacuum somewhat regularly to get crumbs and dust that the broom doesn’t catch.
  • Mop or deep clean your floors using a hardwood floor cleaner. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the type of floor cleaner to use on your specific wood flooring.

When mopping, be sure to a use a “dry” mopping technique that doesn’t soak your floors. Water can be very damaging for hardwood floors. You should also be sure that you’re never using your vacuum’s “carpeting” setting when vacuuming your hardwood floors because the harshness of this setting can cause the bristles on the vacuum to damage your floors.

Is There a Downside to Choosing Distressed Hardwood Floors?

Generally, there are no downsides to choosing distressed hardwood flooring over other options. Distressed hardwood can be more expensive than other wood flooring simply because it is more expensive to create. The counterbalance to the extra cost is the fact that the desirability of distressed hardwood can increase your home’s value. In fact, data from the National Association of Realtors shows that 54 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors when buying a house. Unlike cheaper options like laminate, your distressed hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished.

Where Can You Use Distressed Hardwood in Your House?

There’s no limitation when it comes to where you can install distressed hardwood in your home. If you’re redoing all of the flooring in your home, this is a look that can truly work from the foyer to the kitchen! The fact that these floors already have a distressed, weathered look means that they work nicely in entryways, mudrooms, family rooms, playrooms and bedrooms because you’re not worried about every little “ding” that happens the way you would be with uniform, pristine wood floors. In fact, it’s very unlikely for anyone to notice the little scratches and dings that occur because they will look like part of the style!

Getting Distressed Hardwood Installed: What You Should Know

Can you install distressed hardwood floors on your own? Installing distressed hardwood flooring is the same as installing any type of hardwood flooring. However, the unique patterns of distressed wood flooring do create a situation where having a professional who is familiar with how to optimize the richness of the patterns can create a much more attractive, intentional look.

Final Thoughts on Adding Distressed Hardwood Flooring at Your Home

Distressed hardwood creates a rich, country-inspired look that gives your home a lived-in look with a very high-end twist. If you want textured floors that make a bold statement, there’s really no better choice. While you’ll need to be prepared for a slightly higher price when compared to ordinary wood floors, modern distressed floors are still very cheap compared to actual reclaimed wood.

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