5 Reasons Hardwood Floors Can Make Your Home More Child-Friendly

5 Reasons Hardwood Floors Can Make Your Home More Child-Friendly

Hardwood is the top flooring choice for homeowners due to its beauty and durability. It is an especially popular choice among parents of young children.

Here are 5 reasons hardwood flooring makes your home more child-friendly:

Hardwoods Are Durable

When it comes to kid-friendly spaces, durability is key. While all hardwoods are durable in their own right, some stand up to child’s play better than others. 

Bamboo is a great option for those who want the look of timber, but need something more resistant to scratches and dents. However, bamboo is not your only option!

When you find a wood species you think you might like, check the Janka rating, which will tell you just how durable it is. The higher the number, the better!

Some Tones Can Hide Dirt And Scratches

While normally you would pick darker colors in furniture and textiles to hide dirt and grime, you want to do the opposite with hardwood floors. 

Lighter colors make dust and scratches less visible, which means you won’t spend all day every day cleaning it. Not only that, but lighter woods like oak or cherry brighten up your living space, making it a space you and your kids want to be in.

Hardwood Flooring Is Less Likely to Stain

Let’s face it – spills happen. When that grape juice tips over onto your floor, you’ll be glad that you chose hardwoods! 

While carpet will immediately start soaking in and stain, hardwood keeps the spill on the surface so you can simply wipe it away. No one will even know it happened!

Hardwood Is a Healthier Alternative

Even seemingly clean carpet still has hidden debris which, over time, can not only make the floor look dingy, but also create health issues. 

Carpet fibers trap allergens and bacteria, making them a breeding ground for illness. Your child probably spends a good portion of the day on the floor playing, which means they are in constant contact with whatever may be trapped in the carpet.

Hardwoods effectively remove that issue. Since everything stays on the surface, you can easily see if pollen, animal fur, or other allergens have made their way in. If you are looking for a healthier flooring option, hardwood is the way to go!

Hardwood Floors Are Easier to Clean

No matter the mess, big or small, hardwoods are much easier to clean. 

If there is a spill on carpet, you will be sopping it up, soaking with cleaner, and waiting for a wet spot to dry to assess the damage. With hardwoods, you simply wipe it up with a paper towel, and go over the space with a wet sponge to remove any sticky residue. That’s it!

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