Is Vinegar Safe for Cleaning Hardwood Floors?

Keeping your hardwood floors clean is an important part of their upkeep. But harsh chemicals can be dangerous and smelly, not to mention expensive. If you’re looking for an easier and more accessible cleaning agent, you may have heard that vinegar would do the trick.

Vinegar can be great for cleaning grime, dirt, and bacteria off many household surfaces. A quick Google search will give you many conflicting answers regarding its usage for hardwood floors.

However, if you ask the experts, they strongly recommend against using vinegar to clean your hardwood floors. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use Vinegar on Hardwood Floors

This is for a couple of reasons. 

First, the acidity of vinegar can break down the protective finish on hardwood flooring. This causes dullness over time and leaves the beautiful wood more vulnerable to scratches and dents.

Second, vinegar is often diluted with water for cleaning. This excessive amount of liquid is not good for the organic and absorbent wood. Especially without the shield of its protective outer layer, the hardwood floor is susceptible to warping and splitting. 

It is best to avoid any cleaning technique which involves an abundance of water on the hardwood. As for DIY cleaning recipes, it’s best to just avoid them altogether. 

Safer Alternatives for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

More often than not, your hardwood floors should be clean enough with just a broom and dustpan. This will remove tiny debris, like gravel, which could potentially scratch the floors.

But for a deeper clean, the safest alternative is a mist spray product specifically designed for cleaning wood. 

Always double-check the information on the cleaning product to be sure it has a pH level of around 7. This is the most effective acidity level that will still preserve your hardwood’s protective finish. 

Finally, be sure to use a microfiber mop to spread the solution in small sections at a time. This uses less water than traditional mopping techniques. 

Hardwood Refinishing & Installation Services in Maryland

Even if you have been using the best cleaning techniques, hardwood floors can accumulate wear and tear over time. If you’re looking to restore your hardwood flooring back to its former glory, call the experts at Atlas Floors! We provide high-quality repair, design, and installation services for commercial and residential buildings across Maryland. Call now to learn more!

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