Is Hardwood Flooring Environmentally Friendly?

Is Hardwood Flooring Environmentally Friendly?

As eco-friendly building becomes more widely accepted – and less expensive – more and more homeowners are turning toward more sustainable materials and practices when constructing and renovating their homes.

When looking into flooring options, you’ll see that hardwood floors are often recommended as a sustainable choice that’s also beautiful.

But is hardwood flooring really an environmentally friendly choice? Isn’t it counterintuitive to cut down all the trees necessary to make flooring?

Yes, Hardwood Floors Are Considered Environmentally Friendly

There are several reasons for this.

First, wood is a renewable resource. Even if you cut down a tree to use its wood for building materials, a new tree can be planted in its place to provide a nearly endless supply of wood.

Additionally, there are fewer raw materials used when manufacturing true hardwood floors than other types of flooring. This means less waste, fewer potentially harmful chemicals, and less energy used.

Used hardwood flooring planks also can be reused and repurposed, as long as they’re not so damaged they’re beyond repair.

Old hardwood floors can be refinished for decades, or the planks can be pulled up and used in other building and decorating projects. This means that even old hardwood floors can be given new life, decreasing the need to create and use completely brand-new building materials.

Are Hardwoods Better That Other “Sustainable” Options?

In the long run, yes, choosing hardwood flooring over some other sustainable flooring is going to be beneficial.

Cork flooring, for example, is popular among those looking for sustainable flooring materials. However, cork is very soft when compared to hardwood flooring, meaning it’s not going to be as durable.

So, spending a little less on a cork floor that only lasts 20 years is going to cost more and use more materials than spending a little more for a hardwood floor that will last 60 years. Over time, it’s more cost-effective and eco-friendly to go for the hardwood flooring.

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