8 Top Hardwood Flooring Trends to Consider For Your Next Project

8 Top Hardwood Flooring Trends to Consider For Your Next Project

Changing up your hardwood floors? Consider these hardwood flooring trends you’ll see in 2021:

Darker Woods & Finishes

Darker colors are getting more and more popular, and many who value style over convenience are choosing darker toned woods and finishes. This option is best for those who do not have kids and pets who live in the house, or have the means to get help keeping on top of the cleaning. Dark woods show every little bit of dust, so they require more care.

Cool Tones

Whether you are going dark or light, cool tones are taking the place of the older, warm undertones. Look for more pure, cool woods with no red, orange, or yellow undertones, such as grays, greige, charcoal, and brown/grays.

Unstained Light Woods

For a more natural look, homeowners are opting for lighter, unstained woods for their floors. Again, trends seem to be moving away from yellows and, instead, going for more cool, muted tones.


Everything old is new again! The whitewash trend of the ‘80s is back with a more contemporary twist. Whitewashes today are much more matte and subtle, working best on a white oak floor. The mineral streaks offer a more modern, linear look, rather than a heavier-grained red oak.

Wider Planks

Wide hardwood planks can benefit both old and new homes! Newer homes are given a more contemporary farmhouse feel, a la Joanna Gaines. In an older home, wide planks give a more rustic, authentic feel, and makes smaller spaces look much larger. 

With interior design becoming more colorful, wide, soft-colored planks really help anchor design and showcase gorgeous textiles!

Satin/Matte Finish

Gone are the days of the blindingly shiny hardwood floors! Homeowners are choosing a more natural finish on their floors, such as matte or satin. This is a bonus when it comes to cleaning, as the shinier floors show every scratch, dent, and speck of dust. Matte finishes also look better longer, as it does not dull the same.

On-Site Finishing

Prefinished hardwoods are only finished at the top, and may leave lines where you can see the original wood color underneath. While that may not be obvious when shopping for your floors, it will be noticeable when the flooring is installed. 

On-site finishing offers more clean lines and consistent color across the floor, for a more streamlined look all around.

Wire-Brushed & Textured Woods

Wire-brushed hardwoods are texturized in a way that enhances the natural grain of the wood. It’s a more modern way of distressing wood floors that pulls the soft grain from the growth ring, exposing the heart wood. Not only does it look good, it helps mask everyday wear and tear, making it a perfect option for homes with kids and pets!

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