4 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Is Better Than Laminate Wood

If you’re looking to renovate your floors, you might be caught between laminate wood or engineered hardwood. What’s the difference between these options, and which one is better?

Laminate wood is a cheaper alternative to hardwood floors. This is because it is not real wood, but rather an image of wood under a plasicate protective layer. 

Although hardwood flooring is slightly more expensive, many people find that the extra cost is worth the benefits. Here are just 4 reasons why hardwood flooring is better than laminate wood:

Hardwood Floors Last Longer

The main benefit of hardwood flooring is that it can last a lifetime. 

In comparison, laminate flooring can last only around 10 years. This means that you’re going to spend more in the long run to replace the laminate floor once a decade. 

In addition, hardwood floors increase the value of your home. So if you spring for the extra expense upfront, you’ll get that money back to you in another form. 

Hardwood Can Be Refinished

Both laminate floors and hardwood floors are very durable. But if they get dented, discolored, or out of style as time goes on, only hardwood can be refinished.

Because it is made out of the real stuff, hardwood flooring can easily be sanded down and refurbished to bring a new look to your home. Repairing laminate floors, on the other hand, requires a total reflooring. 

Real & Natural Appearance

Laminate floors are designed to look as similar to real wood as possible, and at first glance, you might not be able to notice a difference.

But upon examination, you will be able to notice the recurring patterns in the laminate floors. Hardwood floors will always have a more authentic and natural appearance. 

More Sustainable

Even though most hardwood flooring does end up getting used until it’s no longer got any life left in it, it’s still a more sustainable, eco-friendly option than laminate flooring.

Because laminate flooring uses plastic, its creation puts more pollutants out into the atmosphere. Hardwoods, on the other hand, can be repurposed once they’ve served their purpose in a home.

Additionally, wood is a renewable resource. That isn’t true about plastics, and for every laminate floor you put in, you’re using up more plastics and the materials to make plastics.

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